Station Online Casinos Picketed by Disgruntled Employees Demanding Union Contracts

Taking a stand

In March last year, this all came to a head when the union issued a statement urging the Nevada Gaming Control Board to investigate the Online Casino company. It argued that Station Online Casinos had failed to adhere to federal labor law and should have its license suitability assessed as a result. Pappageorge cited ample documentation evidence of the firm’s offenses.

Disgruntled Station Online Casinos staff members took to the streets on Thursday to draw attention to their grievances with their employer. Hundreds of people gathered outside Station Online Casinos’ corporate headquarters in Las Vegas carrying large signs demanding union game cassino online

A Station Online Casinos spokesperson fired back by questioning the union’s alleged inability to “win the hearts and minds of our team members.” The Culinary Union “just continue with their harassment and their thuggish attempts to intimidate Station Online Casinos,” the email response read.

Hundreds of people gathered outside Station Online Casinos’ corporate headquarters

A list of demands

The signs deemed the gaming operator – which owns Red Rock Resort, Palace Station, Green Valley Ranch Resort, and other properties – “unfair.” Culinary secretary-treasurer Ted Pappageorge said the aim of Thurday’s picket was to draw attention to the company’s lack of “good faith” in bargaining over contracts.

Among its demands, the Union wants hiring priority for the workers who were laid off when Texas Station, Fiesta Rancho, and Fiesta Henderson permanently closed. While the company said it did retain about a third of the employees, other workers said Station Online Casinos chose other candidates over them. The union also wants Station Online Casinos employees to have the same benefits, training opportunities, and job security as held by other union members across the Las Vegas valley.

The Culinary Union has made very clear its disapproval of the way Station Online Casinos runs its business.

The knives are out

It’s fair to say Station Online Casinos and the Culinary Union are not the best of friends. The two bodies have repeatedly locked horns over the past few years, and 2023 already seems no different.

After the Culinary Union pushed for representation votes at multiple Station Properties, National Labor eventually ordered Station Online Casinos parent Red Rock Resorts to bargain with the body in 2021. Those discussions are ongoing, but the Culinary Union believes its demands are not being given the attention they deserve.

failed to adhere to federal labor law

Pappageorge has pushed forward the union’s action against Station Online Casinos since taking over the reins for the body last year. Commenting this week, he said: “It’s really a shame that this company claims to be a beneficial part of this community to take on its own workers like this.” He went on to urge the business to “sit down and negotiate a fair contract.”

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