Saks Fifth Avenue Enters New York City Online Casino Race, Targets High Rollers

Saks to bid for license

While the marketing departments of many luxury brands often encounter calls to “make the customer feel like James Bond,” Saks has the brand image and location on the world’s most expensive shopping street to pull it off.

According to the Post, the artist sketches “show stylishly dressed guests, seated at roulette tables, posh bars and upholstered chairs, clinking cocktails.” Going the Online Casino Royale route should appeal to the affluent, haute couture-conscious customers visiting Fifth Avenue and give the Online Casino regular, high-rolling clientele.

make the customer feel like James Bond”

Baker went as far as saying the 007 movie Online Casino Royale would be the inspiration for the Saks Online Casino

According to Baker, HBC has been working on the plan since New York Governor Katchy Hotchul gave the green light to the three licenses in January 2021. Onboard with the Saks Online Casino are “Broadway theaters, retailers and [elected officials] and we have a lot of support for a different type of Online Casino in New York City,” Baker said.

Silver screen inspiration

upper floors of its Fifth Avenue store

America’s luxury department store brand Saks Fifth Avenue has unveiled its designs on entering the race for a license to operate a Online Casino in downstate New York.

Baker — who was at the helm of HBC in 2012 when he took the Hudson’s Bay Company public and acquired Saks for $2.9bn — told the Post the Saks Online Casino would take up the 9th, 10th, and 11th floors. Black tie servers, he added, would hand out champagne flutes to gamblers.

The Post published exclusive artist renderings of the proposed Online Casino Saks shared with the publication, revealing a high-brow concept that’s targeted at high-net-worth customers.

The New York Post on Thursday reported that Saks’ confirmed it was bidding for a Online Casino license, with the upper floors of its Fifth Avenue store on East 49th and East 50th streets in New York City the proposed gaming site.

HBC bides its time

“All of us who live in New York City have seen an erosion of activity on Fifth Avenue, which is one of the most valuable attractions in the US and is vitally important for NYC,” Baker said. The CEO added the 007-style Online Casino would give the iconic district a buzz, along with lights and security.

Richard Baker, executive chairman and CEO of Sak’s Toronto-based owner HBC, outlined his firm’s intentions, saying the Saks Online Casino “will attract an affluent global tourist and not prey on people who shouldn’t be in Online Casinos.”

Baker’s key selling point for Saks is that the Online Casino would liven up Fifth Avenue at night when stores are locking their doors.

Saks’ bid for a license faces massive competition from rival bids backed by at least five billionaires. On Thursday, Las Vegas Sands threw its hat in the ring with a proposal to develop its Long Island site.

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