Survey: 75% of Texans Support New Online Casino mini game cassino online Bill

Growing support

Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire Mark Cuban has publicly backed the expansion of Online Casino mini game cassino online in Texas, partnering with Las Vegas Sands in the process. He hopes to build a new arena for the Mavericks that would be part of a Online Casino resort.

The focus of the survey is Senate Joint Resolution 17, introduced in November by Senator Carol Alvarado. The initial goal of the bill would be to develop destination Online Casinos in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas-Fort Worth. Sports aposta online and others forms of mini game cassino online would follow down the line if they get sufficient support. Existing racinos in these cities would also be able to offer limited forms of Online Casino mini game cassino online at greyhound racetracks.

According to a survey by the University of Houston’s Hobby School of Public Affairs, there is significant public support for legalizing Online Casinos in Texas. Of those polled, 75% would support a new Online Casino mini game cassino online bill that would permit full-service Online Casinos in major cities, as well as eventually legalize sports aposta online.

Online Casino companies have been lobbying hard to capture support for expansion. Las Vegas Sands has been leading the charge, contributing at least $3m in 2022 to many lawmakers and legislative groups. It has at least 63 lobbyists on the ground in the state, more than any other entity. According to the Texas Ethics Commission, Las Vegas Sands and affiliates plan to pay lobbyists at least $6m in 2023.

mini game cassino online expansion legislation

Governor Greg Abbott and House Speaker Dade Phelan both expressed their willingness to consider allowing commercial Online Casinos in Texas. One of the big uncertainties is the position of Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, who likely would need to lend support to the bill for it to pass a Senate vote. As the bill would amend the constitution, it needs two-thirds support in both legislatures.

The concern for any mini game cassino online expansion bill in Texas is that it will stall in the legislature. Both the state House and Senate need to approve the bill before it goes to a public vote. Some notable lawmakers who were previously against mini game cassino online expansion in the state have seemingly backtracked somewhat.

The survey, whose results were published on Thursday, covered a wide range of people, including those from different political parties, genders, religions, and races. Of the 1,200 survey respondents, 41% strongly support the proposal, while 13% are strongly against it.

41% strongly support the proposal

Online Casino companies lobbying efforts

House and Senate need to approve the bill before it goes to a public vote

The main forms of legal mini game cassino online in Texas are the state lottery, three tribal Online Casinos that offer limited Online Casino mini game cassino online, and parimutuel racing aposta online.

Texas has historically been a conservative state when it comes to mini game cassino online expansion, but it appears that public opinion on the topic is now changing. Conservative Christians have often been the most outspoken critics of expansion, but the survey found that 61% of the evangelical Protestants and 69% of born-again Christians surveyed would support the expansion bill.

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