Nevada Online Casinos Generated Record Profits of $4bn in the 2022 Fiscal Year

Breathtaking numbers

Room, beverage, food, and other revenue made up 70% of the Strip’s total revenue of the 2022 fiscal year, with gaming revenue making up the rest. It is the 24th consecutive year that gaming revenue was less than half of the total.

Las Vegas Strip Online Casinos generated $1.8bn in net income in the 2022 fiscal year, a 74% year-on-year increase. Occupancy rates on the Strip were also up significantly from the prior year, with the average daily room rate at around $196.37. Resorts had an 83% occupancy rate for the period.aposta online

Online Casinos in the state spent more than $2.9bn on complimentary expenses to VIP patrons in the 2022 fiscal year. The state benefitted from $1bn in gaming taxes and fees during the period, representing almost 10% of total gaming revenue.

The 2022 net income total smashed the previous record of $2.9bn set in the 2020 fiscal year. It also represents a massive bounce back from the net loss of $206m that Nevada Online Casinos suffered during the 2021 fiscal year as a result of pandemic-related struggles.

smashed the previous record of $2.9bn set in the 2020 fiscal year

A great recovery for the Strip

For the most recent fiscal year, the 56 Online Casinos under the ownership of public companies made up nearly 68% of the state’s total gaming revenue. It was a good year for employment figures, with the average number of people employed in the sector increasing by 20% to 133,412. This was still below 2019 levels of 162,066 total workers.

All of the gaming markets across Nevada, bar one, saw year-on-year rises in net income. The only exception was the South Shore Lake Tahoe area which was hurt by wildfires. The total number of Online Casinos generating at least $1m in gaming revenue dropped by six locations to 296.

With Online Casino revenue reaching $26bn for the fiscal year 2022, Nevada Online Casinos saw a profit margin of almost 16%. It marked the second-highest total revenue figure of all time, with the record still standing at $27bn from 2018. Nearly 41% of the 2022 figure was gaming revenue.

Success statewide

The 296 Online Casinos in Nevada that had gaming revenue of at least $1m managed to generate total net income of $4.1bn in the 2022 fiscal year. The Nevada Gaming Control Board released the full-year figures on Thursday. Nevada’s fiscal year begins on July 1 and goes up to June 30 in the next calendar year.

Americans as a whole gambled more in 2022 than any other year. While total nationwide figures for 2022 are still to be compiled, the previous $53bn record was already passed by 13.5% by the start of December 2022.

24th consecutive year that gaming revenue was less than half of the total

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