Illegal Online Online Casino Owners Ordered to Pay €25m in the Netherlands

the state is reportedly seeking €13.5m ($14.8m) in unpaid taxes

The judge agreed with the sentencing demands from the Public Prosecution Service on Thursday, but reduced the financial penalty against the former Amsterdams Online Casinos owners by 10% because of how long it took to resolve the case.

None of the defendants have spent any time in prison since the beginning of the investigation in 2012. Some of them have been subject to criminal charges, including money laundering and being part of a criminal group.  Online Casinomini game cassino online

The defendants in the case might also have to deal with local tax authority penalties. The state is reportedly seeking €13.5m ($14.8m) in unpaid taxes, based on the unlicensed online Online Casino’s estimated income.

The biggest fine was handed out to Stijn Flapper, who has to pay €6.2m ($6.8m) following the 10% reduction. Brothers Maurice and Michel Gregoire were fined €2.6m ($2.9m) and €692,755 ($760,860), respectively. The remaining part of the financial penalty is owed by numerous other individuals and companies.

After a decade-long investigation and legal battle, a Dutch court has ordered that the former owners of an illegal online Online Casino must pay €24.6m ($27m) to the state.

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